Some like it free as a bird. This page features the opposite.

A bird tied up, gagged, seen as fetish object. This is my life. Take part.

Nothing for kiddos – 18 years or older – NSFW

A passion for Bondage

1997. The internet was young and my brother “Ric” was surfing to short fuse dot com… and starting his own bondage business. One of the first big bondage sites with members area, publishing pictures and videos.

Who does BoundArt.com now ?

My second name is Lilian (Lilly). I am the inheritance executor of my brother. Same blood, same passion…

What about Cookies ?

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Domain is for sale

I truly dreamed about selling this domain to an art curator for thousands of dollars. Contact me if you are a dreamweaver.

Site content

My words of bondage wisdom and the complete work of my brother. New posts gradually with pictures and maybe a clip.

18 years or older ? No model is nude…

Bondage is a part of the game named sex and sex is 18+. I believe that nobody visits this site as an accident, but 18+.

Is BoundArt on social media ?

Nope. Own site (server) – own rules, own control. Send an e-mail like 1997, it was pretty cool and still remains.